I wonder what the statistics are for successful New Year’s Resolutions? Ones that are made and adhered to all year?  Oh, well, ok, maybe if you’re a Virgo!  But for the rest of us, I wonder.

Want to try something different this year?

For myself, Resolutions made on 1st January for 12 months have never lasted that long.  No attention span?  Not much commitment, perhaps.  So I stopped making them, stopped pretending.

Now I make New Month’s Resolutions. I set an intention for a lunar month … or calendar month, whichever makes more sense to you … and see how that works.  After 10-14 days, I’ll evaluate the relative value and success of that resolution.  If I need to adjust my approach, I’ll do that for the remainder of the month, and re-evaluate at month’s end.

For example, if I decided to never again eat potato chips … shudder! … that resolution might last for about a week, during which time I would have consumed a gallon of ice cream, 20 bags of pretzels, some cheese puffs, and I can’t imagine what else until finally … potato chips. (yes, of course organic, but still!)

However, if I resolve no chips for a month, then after a week or so, I’ll look at what I’ve been doing … only ½ gallon of ice cream? … and consider what I need to change. Call attention to my eating habits, stock the larder with better choices.  Then at the end of the month, I’ll see how that potato chip craving has changed, how my food choices have been, and decide to continue chip-less for another month with any necessary behaviour adjustments … or maybe just limit myself to 5 potato chips a day!

Now, I’m not suggesting that you give up potato chips. Too radical a thought.  But if there is something in your life that you wish to change, try setting your intention for a month.  Not nearly as daunting a hurdle as 12 months.  Make change in increments, set intentions that set you up for success, not for failure.

I know many of you can do the New Year’s Resolution thing, but a lot of us fail. I’ve been much more successful month by month.  And after accomplishing one goal, whether it takes me 1 month or 6 months, I can easily set another goal.  For me, this is a painless process, and I love it.  Success, not failure.

So for the non-Virgos out there, try a New Month’s Resolution. Let me know how it goes!  We can post successes, challenges and helpful hints.  Email me through my website, and in February, I’ll put together your responses.