Two Simple Protection Techniques

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the efficacy of surrounding yourself in a pink bubble of energy.  It is a great protection.  However, for me, I find that I cannot maintain the focus of that energy purely on my own.  I have to take out the garbage.  Cats and Dogs need feeding.  Laundry to be done.  So for me, I rely upon Tools to maintain the focus of my intentions.There are a couple of very simple protection techniques that I will offer here.  Of course, there are other techniques and tools.  But for simplicity, I never leave my home without using at least one, often both, of these techniques.

The first technique is to anoint certain chakra points with a protective oil.  The three chakras are soles/arches of your feet, solar plexus/stomach and that dent at the base of the skull, which I call the Prayer Point.  Of course, in practice, I anoint soles of my feet, all 7 spinal chakras, and the Prayer Point.  Then I do each shoulder and each wrist.  But just the three … feet, solar plexus, prayer point … will really help you.

Protection Oil?  Easy.  1. You can buy some wonderful, high quality, very effective protection oils on Etsy or Ebay.  Be sure the maker is using only pure essential oils.  2. You can make your own, put some olive oil in a bottle or jar, add whatever crystal calls to you that you charge for protection … simply hold crystal in left palm, cover with right hand, breathe and “feel” the crystal, and thank it for holding the energy of protection for you.  Black Tourmaline and/or Clear Quartz are the stones I reach for most often for this, but truly, whatever calls to you (make sure the crystal is non-toxic; some are beautiful, powerful, but toxic if ingested or placed on skin).  Instead of a crystal, add some yarrow or sage.  Essential oils of Frankincense or Lavender.  Or all the above! 3.  Alternatively, you can set aside a portion of your body lotion, and add a charged crystal, then use that on those 3 chakras.

Second technique is very potent.  Sea Salt in your navel.  I use a small amount of olive oil or castor oil, both hold very high vibrations, to coat my navel and to hold the coarse sea salt crystals.  I keep containers of both oil and salt in the medicine cabinet, making this as easy as toothpaste and deodorant.  A friend of mine found this to be too abrasive for her skin, so she uses Frankincense oil.  Because most essential oils are too strong to use straight, mix a couple of drops of Frankincense with a carrier oil, such as olive or grapeseed.

Naturally, do the usual skin test to be sure there are no adverse physical reactions to whatever you’re using.

These two techniques are great Tools, my gifts to you.  And during these changing times on our lovely Planet, protection is essential.


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