What should you expect from a Psychic Reading?

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Over the years, many times I’ve been told, “I’m afraid of what I’ll hear.” But you really needn’t be afraid of psychic readings.

And we should never fear the truth, as dealing with the truth is the only way we can effectively manage our lives. I mean, it would be really nice if I were a fairy princess!  I’d never do the laundry or make the bed, because princesses just don’t do that!  And fairy princess?  Don’t fairies sleep among rose petals?  So no bed-making necessary!  And if being a fairy princess is my reality, but not my truth, the bed won’t ever be made, the laundry won’t get done.

In a psychic reading, truth should be presented in kind ways, in safe words that can be received and assimilated. “Yes, that dress makes you look fat,” can be phrased more kindly.  “Nice dress, but I love the blue one on you.”

My usual explanation of psychic readings is an analogy to road signs. “Three-hour delay ahead,” if you stay on the present course.  Now you are informed, forewarned, and can make informed choices.  A psychic reader should also be able to suggest a few choices, and probably point out the most harmonious and advantageous.

In our traffic delay scenario, there are several choices. 1)  weather is comfortable, you have a great book, some phone calls to make, so stay on course, probably get stuck in traffic but not unpleasantly.  2)  call a friend, meet for coffee.  3)  do those errands you’ve been putting off.  4)  take a different route, down side streets, run across a “for sale” sign in front of the perfect house … or “free kittens” (my personal favourite).  5)  spend a couple of hours in an art gallery.   Gosh, I could go on.  Aren’t you glad I’ve decided to stop and let you use your own imaginations?

Psychic information should work the same way, in most cases. Truth, presented kindly and clearly, that allows you to make informed choices.  Making choices isn’t always easy, sometimes super difficult, often excruciatingly emotional.  But the truth is the only thing that serves us, that empowers us, and the only foundation for the next step.

So in a reading, you may be told that you’re not a fairy princess (or prince)!  Believe me, I know how that can hurt. But instead, you may discover other very special aspects of yourself, things to enhance, to cherish, things you suspected, hoped but weren’t ready to believe could be true.  So put down the wand, remove the tiara, hang up the ball gown … and give me a call!

Just kidding. You can wear the tiara.

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